Sunday, November 1, 2020

Dancers & Missiles

Eating lunch outside,

Is on my Fall 'to-do' list -

Much to see and hear.


Leaves and acorns drop,

Floating, or pummeling down,

Sounding like Fall rain.

Leaves flit and spiral,

Dancing gracefully downwards,

Pirouetting too!


Acorns as missiles,

Pelting down, forceful and hard:

Weapons from above.

Photo by Dale Schultz

A Wheelbarrow of Weapons


Georgette said...

OMG! That wheelbarrow full of acorns was quite a surprise!

Deb said...

And there are still loads more underfoot

Shelley Burbank said...

Did my comment come through? Sometimes a pop up demands a sign in, sometimes not. Anyway, I enjoyed this poem!

Wendy said...

Nuts and can't go wrong...

Deb said...

Thanks Shelley. I couldn't stop haiku-ing!

Deb said...

Nuts and leaves, indeed ... in abundance