Thursday, November 5, 2020

My Version of the 10 Biblical Plagues

These all go hand in hand, symptoms of the same underlying problem: no respect for the planet, and with it humanity. 

This is not science fiction. This is our current reality. We're living it. It's all around us. It's here.

10. Uncontrolled spread of non-native species: beetle infestations, killer wasps, Japanese knotweed

9. Decline and extinction of native species: honeybees, bats

8. Pollution of  our 'nest': contamination of water bodies, air, groundwater, ozone layer: things we depend on to live

7. More frequent, stronger force hurricanes

6. Unmanageable floods, independent of hurricanes

5. Runaway fires: dangerous winds and habitat destruction

4. Famine, and unforeseen drought in temperate climates

3. Extreme temperatures and climate shifts becoming the norm

2. Disease, displacement, civil unrest, migration, pandemics

1. Poverty, Depravity, Corruption (both physical and moral)

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