Friday, November 6, 2020

Sunny November

Thank goodness for a November sunny day, and the outdoors. It was great to shake off a bit of that election drama I'd overdosed on. And it wasn't very windy, either, which was a bonus.

Our yard furniture had to be carried off the deck, and stored away for the winter. Turns out, I was overdressed for this physical activity, and was forced to strip down to a pair of leggings and a swim top!

The hammock came down, and the kayak (having been left out hopefully, for a last paddle), got stowed away. We carried the tomato plants off the dock, with a few 'frosted' tomatoes still hanging on - they felt like sacs of pus!

Then we set about taking the dock apart, bit by bit. Green fragments of broken milfoil plants were floating about everywhere and kept taking me off task. When we pulled the dock frame out onto dry land, we found that our suspicions of a broken axle were true. The dock had been incredibly uneven and unstable for most of the summer, despite our attempts to rectify it. We thought that perhaps it kept sinking further into the silty mud. Another job for my handyman!

I busied myself picking up dropped twigs and branches, breaking them into wood-stove sized pieces and collecting them in a tote. Anything, to stay outside and imbibe this fresh air!

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