Monday, November 16, 2020

Green Things

Those green balloons filled with fluid (aka tomatoes that endured a frost on the vine) that I wrote about so disparagingly, have been turned into this: salsa verde. And, we both lived to tell the tale 😀.

A Green Stinkbug exploring the leaf litter. I love the different colored 'squares' on the leaf it's found.


I think these few green aspen leaves look wonderful against the variegated browns of oaks, beeches and maples:


Shelley Burbank said...

Yay for green! This is my second attempt at leaving a message. It’s making me sign in to google even though I got here through gmail. Is it ok if I just respond via email from now on?

Deb said...

Love green!
Oh no! That's a pain. Not sure why you have to jump through hoops to respond - it shouldn't be that difficult, because it is a deterrent to contributing :-(