Monday, November 23, 2020

Wild Imaginings (Kudos to Dr. Seuss)


I love having fun with weird, off-the-wall ideas - it's stimulating to play with imaginings that are offbeat or initially nonsensical. Dr. Seuss opened his children's book 'Wacky Wednesday' with the idea of a shoe on the wall - something odd, indeed, but it hooks and fascinates the reader from the get-go, simply by being unexpected, and 'out there.'

I recall how much my kids and I loved reading Dr. Seuss' "On Beyond Zebra," where he created an extended alphabet beyond the letter Z. It inspired them to continue creating more of their own alphabet in the same vein, simply because they found it thrilling to imagine new letters that hadn't been discovered. Not dismissing that quirkiness as an adult opens me up to play with new ideas, and gets my creative juices flowing. The wackier, the better - it frees me from habitual, stereotypical thinking ... to where there is no set path or limit.

And sometimes these unusual ponderings can be quite amusing. So here are some of my recent oddball musings:

  • When will they start making flour less powdery? (The pic below shows the reason for this contemplation)

  • How is it that we have less snow on the days it was forecast, than on the day for which it wasn't predicted?
  • How do things only turn up when we find them?
  • Coming up with new words: my own new word this week was opaquens: the act of making something go opaque. I can only find opaque, opaquely, opaquer and opaquest in an online dictionary. Thinking creatively challenged me to discover a new sense of the word that I think works, poetically.
  • Hmm, I wonder if "Where the Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak is really about the thoughts in our heads?

Do you have any outlandish thoughts or wild imaginings to share that will make others smile? I'm sure I'm not alone! Don't be shy!


Dale said...

I am amazed that there is no word "thay". Nice 4 letter word and 1-1/2 vowels.

Deb said...

Define it, and it's yours!