Friday, November 13, 2020

Turkey Encounter

My turkey 'encounter' on Veteran's Day wasn't an interaction, so much as a close sighting. I saw them from a short distance away as I sat amidst leaves on the lawn - it was wonderfully thrilling to be so close to them! 

I heard them scrabbling through the leaves (like me), looked up and saw them coming into our yard. I really didn't want to frighten them off, so I froze in place, only making miniscule, fluid movements when I needed to see them better. I watched them make a loop through our yard, which included a walk through my native blooms and birdfeeder-spoils area, and then they exited again in a line, chit-chatting quietly amongst themselves - a kind of comforting contact sound.

They noticed me, and looked my way, seeming wary, but my immobile state probably convinced them I was a shrub or tree stump! One stretched and spread its wings, generating a small breeze that sent a pile of leaves aflutter - it was quite special.

Of course, this close encounter only happened because I'd left my phone/camera inside, unlike earlier in the day, when it was by my side constantly!

Photo by Dale Schultz


MLH said...

I was waiting for this post! When we saw the turkeys headed your way, I wanted to signal you, but couldn't without also alerting the turkeys! I started to watch you instead of the turkeys because I wanted to see the moment when you noticed them. 🤗🦃

Deb said...

Glad I put you out of your misery :-) Dale had been trying to alert me with texts and calls, but I was thankfully phone-less, from that point of view. It was fun!

Shelley Burbank said...

It’s awesome that Dale was able to snap that photo. I love the turkeys.

Unknown said...

How wonderful! There's something very special about getting close up with wildlife.

Deb said...

Yes, an amazing feeling to be this close. And that it was captured, too.