Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Creating Memories

A friend's Mom gave me a whole pile of yarn some time ago, and I've been using it to keep myself busy this year at home. This piece has been sitting at my TV chair for months, only picked up in the evenings before bed. It was a way to use up a series of single skeins that weren't enough to complete a project individually, and hence the uneven width of the stripes. It's become a warm, heavy throw, probably good for keeping feet warm at the bottom of the bed (for those whose extremities reach that far). Or a TV or fireside blanket.

I thought I'd finish the border whilst watching figure skating performances on YouTube ... hah! That was impossible. I found myself stopping, with my needle and yarn in mid air, mesmerized and glued to the screen, my heart in my mouth, as the Ice Dancers performed incredible lifts, spectacular spins and graceful glides. That memory is now woven into this blanket.



Georgette said...

The blanket is beautiful! The colors are all so soft and go together well. I would not have thought "scraps" when I look at it. And now, memories added. Great job!

Deb said...

Oh, thank you!