Thursday, November 12, 2020

Biting the Bullet

After much humming and hawing, I was finally persuaded that Invisalign braces, followed by a retainer, would help my jaw ache. I had already spent $$ having all the imaging and modeling done ($$) to determine the extent of the problem, and my dentist felt that I had a 95% chance of it improving my life. OK then. I decided to bite the bullet and go ahead with the treatment, and called up to ask what financial aid options, or payment schemes, they offered. 

My options were:

  • I could pay a little every month until the full amount was paid, at which time my treatment could begin.
  • I could apply for a care credit card online, which which give me interest free credit for x months, depending on how much I spent
  • I could pay in full, ahead of treatment.

"Ok," I asked, "if I pay in full, prior to starting treatment, is there any discount for paying up front, or paying in cash?" Nope, not at all, I was told. The price was set at $x,xxx. I said I'd sleep on it and get back to them, having been given a direct number and contact name for the billing of these treatments.

I called back 2 days later to say that I would pay the entire amount on my credit card. "Oh, we have a special on for December right now, where you can get $400.00 off, but I could make it apply to your November purchase. Would you like to do that?" WHAT? This was the exact same person I spoke to about getting discount for paying up front a few days prior. 

Sometimes, I just don't understand real life ... but I'm not complaining - this time around it's gone in my favor. It's just odd that this wasn't offered to me when I specifically queried about discounts available - and if I had decided to pay on the first day I called, I would have been $400 poorer.

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