Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Wishful Dreams

I'm not one who often remembers their dreams after waking, but today's one was rather odd, so I guess that's why it stuck. I was in a bathroom with another person (unknown), standing on a tile floor, when the other person turned around to me, asking what that sudden loud noise was. "Oh, don't worry," I 'd said, "it was just the water pouring out of my ear onto the floor!" It was a gush as out of a faucet, wetting the entire floor! And I was so relieved!

I've been experiencing what sounds like crackly liquid in my ears for some time, and can feel it move when I lie in certain ways in bed, though it never drains out onto my pillow or earlobe. It shifts, like molasses, and tickles as it moves, but remains inside. Ugh. Nothing in there the experts say, it's the sounds of my jaw and the rumpled cushion between the joint, grating! It's all in my head, I'm told!

I guess that dream was all about wishful thinking ...


Shelley Burbank said...

Weird! I had a dream about a dragon last night. Not wishful thinking.

Deb said...

Was it a scary or benign dragon?