Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Feeling Raw

Still too close to call!
I'm embarrassed and ashamed
We did not stand up
In greater numbers -
To restore morality
To our government.

Never did I think
That fascism could take hold,
After lessons learned.
Half of this country
Supports the supremacy
Of class, wealth and race.

Time to examine
Just how this could be our truth
In Twenty Twenty.
Land of liberty?
A moral apocalypse
Has struck our nation.

Americans, all
One people, yet divided
On justice for all!
'Us' and 'them' prevails.
How can we disagree on
Fundamental rights?

I am stunned and shocked,
Land that touts human freedoms,
But doesn't live it.
My adopted land -
How I misunderstood you!
I feel heartbroken.

Till we live as one,
Moral disintegration
Shall be our death knell.
We must find a way
To restore faith, love and hope
To humanity.

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