Saturday, November 7, 2020

Warm Fuzzies

I've recently had a lot of fun making a few extra masks for my family. I ended up making 15! What started off as a routine pattern, turned into personalized and custom adaptations. So, what could have essentially been a 3-4 hour project became a 2 week one - my choice!

So, for someone working in a nursery with young babies, Disney and bright cartoon characters were chosen to feature prominently in the middle of the concertina-style mask.

For someone running their own business, advertising goes a long way ... I printed out the logo, traced the letters through onto the back of the paper, pinned it in place on the back of the mask, and did simple satin stitch along each letter. Boy, was this relaxing! I loved doing it.

And then I tried one using my sewing machine's programmable lettering as well, but that didn't work out as well as expected. When the stitching hit a snag, like a thickened seam, it stalled and ruined the entire line, which had come out perfectly in practice! I redid this version a number of times, finally having to fudge the connections a bit.

Each idea led to something different for the next one. I challenged myself to come up with something different each time. It led to something for somber-bearded men, for a train enthusiast, for a Fearless photographer, and for a beloved cat:

All voluntary! And fulfilling! It gave me the warm fuzzies to do this for my loved ones.


Georgette said...

Those are great!

Deb said...

It was so much fun :-)