Saturday, October 31, 2020

Ode to the Odyssey

Ugh, on top of all that is depressing and spirit-sapping right now, we've just been given the prognosis that the faults on our 13 year old Odyssey minivan are TERMINAL. I feel so sad and unprepared. 

The engine is in perfect working order. The interior (after vacuuming) is clean, and without rips and stains. The bodywork has a scratch on the cowling, but it's otherwise pristine (after a wash). No crashes. New-ish tires. The problem is with the underparts of the chassis - it's all rusted away, with very little holding the heavy bits together. We've had two independent opinions on it - and they concur exactly. It'll never pass an inspection in this state, but it's too expensive to repair for the age of the car ... Yet it still purrs perfectly!

I'm fortunate and privileged. We have a second car. It's been a luxury owning 2 cars for our lifestyle. This is definitely a First World problem, and I'm embarrassed that this might come over as a 'complaint.' To me, it's more our attachment to, and appreciation of, something that has served us well and faithfully, that I don't want to come to an end. Even though it's an inanimate object, we have a relationship of dependence, reliability and safety with our investment, that has made it personal. It was a part of our family's trips and adventures.

The aptly named Odyssey: "a long and eventful or adventurous journey or experience."


Georgette said...

Oh, no. Sorry. I am usually not sentimental, but cars do become partners in our lives. We depend on them and spend a lot of time with/in them. The Odessey was a faithful servant and partner. It deserved your lovely tribute. (I've only had one "named" car and you just inspired me to write about it for Tue. !!)

Deb said...

Oooh, I can't wait to hear your story, Georgette. Yay, a new piece!

Shelley Burbank said...

So frustrating when the vehicle runs fine but the salt from the road has rusted it out. Seems like the "innards" could be installed in a better "shell" from Florida or some other southern state! But logistics probably make that impossible.

Georgette, looking forward to hearing about your named car!

Deb said...

Yeah, logistics, and of course, the van is 13 years old, so putting huge amounts of money into it doesn't make sense. But so frustrating.