Tuesday, May 3, 2022

The Waiting Game

It's always hard to wait until insect hatchlings have emerged from the leaf litter and hollow stems before clearing my garden areas. I do struggle to wait, but I know I must. I wrote about this in a previous blog: Creatures are living here

The golden rule is to wait until we have at least 7 consecutive days of 50°F temperatures, which will give our beneficial insects time to complete their awakening. Until then, "many insects are still in diapause (a physiological state akin to hibernation)" - savvy gardening

In the meanwhile, tenacious sprouts have made their way through the compacted litter, giving me hope that life goes on, and is not in need of my intervention!

Things to ponder:

Why is it so hard to let things be? My desire to intervene, clear and "neaten" is learned, cultural and cosmetic.

What makes me think that I need to 'neaten' things up and improve on what is clearly thriving without my help? Is it a desire to 'control' my environment?

Why are fallen leaves regarded as untidy? Does it give the 'appearance' of human neglect?

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