Thursday, May 5, 2022

Dallas Does Crochet

Dallas seemed to want to try her hand at crochet after noticing my previous unsuccessful attempts. Though it started well, I had to take over because she couldn't resist playing with the moving yarn, plus she kept dropping stitches and making frayed loops - not really her fault, since she doesn't have the requisite opposable thumb needed to make her grip less tenuous. 

I began this shawl at least 6 times, experimenting with stitches, tension, ply- and hook- sizes. I wanted something less crochet-holey looking, and more knitted in appearance. I'm pleased with the way it's finally turning out - hopefully, the shawl I intended from the very start will end up as a comfort shawl this time!

Then this happened: I wasn't turning my work and counting the stitches properly in each row, and the shawl started shrinking and then increasing again along its edge. Not good. So I pulled it out again, down to about 4 inches of work.

I know whoever gets this shawl will know that I've included many thoughts of perseverance and good karma into it without losing hope!

I'm now this far into it, having pulled out another 10 inches or so because I didn't like the color flow. I'm going to edge it off with the navy color all round.

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