Wednesday, December 30, 2020


Well, ahrmmmm, it's been more than 5 days since I last did a structured workout, using my newfound resolve, so I guess I've lost or misplaced it again. It's not really my fault (🤣). You see, I'd been following a guided, 15 minute, gentle Pilates session diligently for a week on my phone, only to be informed on the 8th day, that my free trial was up. Dang it!

I have loads of other DVDs and sessions I could follow on YouTube ... but so many of them are 40 minutes to an hour in length, and that turns me off right away. I have loads of other things going on ...

Today, I ...
Hauled a load of firewood indoors,
Hung my laundry outside,
Swept the gritty floor,
Picked twigs up off the boardwalk,
Unpacked the dishwasher,
Went up and down the stairs multiple times for supplies and to put folded laundry away.
Walked to the mailbox and back,
Raked timber shards off the driveway,
Emptied the recycling skip

I also:
Filled the birdfeeder

I did these things today (and these are the ones I can remember), and I still have to exercise? Huh ... some days just don't belong to us!


Wendy said...

Some of those strenuous things, I believe, count as a are good to go!! LOL!!

Debbie said...

Well, thank you, Wendy - I'll take your expert opinion 😊