Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Back to Basics

Living sustainably means different things to different people. For me it's a daily practice; a mindset. It's about not buying fabricated and packaged fire starters even if I can afford them. It's about using what we have; recognizing the bounty that is around us. So when storms drop dead twigs to the ground, I collect some and use them in manageable sized pieces as fire starters during the winter months, when we rely on our wood stove for heat. It gives me a little outdoor time and activity too!

A branch ready for snapping into bundles like those in the foreground

Sustainability is also about planning to do my laundry on days when there is sunshine, instead of using my electric dryer, even though I have one. We have a natural resource that can do the work for us, the sun, so I choose to use its free and nonpolluting power. When the laundry doesn't dry fully on wintery days, I drape it on furniture once it's inside, bringing some much needed moisture to the dry air indoors. Win, win!

Using resources thoughtfully is a personal choice for me; it means using resources wisely, and being mindful of becoming swept up in 'created' consumer-mindset markets. It's about stopping and thinking about living more simply, of distinguishing between need and convenience. It's really about getting back to basics whenever you can.

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