Thursday, December 17, 2020

Home Remedies


My Optometrist suggested I use a microwavable heat pad to help my Dry Eye condition (the least aptly named condition ever, in my opinion, since it makes my eyes stream with fluid. Apparently the oil glands are blocked and the watery eye is an attempt to fix it. The heat is supposed to encourage the moisturizing oils to flow). I didn't fancy using my current heavy corn bag on my face. When I looked online, I saw one for $20, which seemed pretty reasonable, but the item looked exactly like something I already have a lot of at home - an assortment of eye masks from flying different airlines. So I decided to adapt one instead.

All I really needed to do, was undo the stitching around the edge, pour some uncooked rice grains in between the 2 layers (using a funnel), and sew the opening together again. I popped it into the microwave for 15-20 seconds and tah-dah, an instant soothing compress, that delivers a moist heat. This should be more effective (and less messy) than standing over a washbasin, with a hot-water-soaked washcloth that cools too quickly. 

I folded the eyemask over to show the bulk from the rice inside


Georgette said...

Thank you, Debbie! I have the same condition and, I agree, it is SO misnamed. And worse in winter. When my eye doctor saw that I took fish oil as a dietary suppplement, he said that is actually helpful for dry eye and flaxseed oil would be even better. So I switched. I never went back for more testing or treatment. Now, thanks to you, I have another "treatment" to add. I will try the heating pad using rice! You are a very clever woman!

Shelley Burbank said...

Agree about dry eye. I think reading and computer work doesn’t help. Cool hack for the compress!

Debbie said...

I include ground flaxseed and whole flax seeds into my cooking whenever I can - breakfast, breads, coatings & crumbing, gravies, even!

I hope you try the hack, and get some relief.

Georgette said...

Ahhh, I must buy myself some flaxseed seeds! Good idea.