Tuesday, December 29, 2020


The lake is in a state of flux. It looked solid, and frozen into stillness, a week ago. Then came the rain and some warm temps, and it's since morphed into streams of glittering blue amidst stationary, white segments. There are patches of ice offshore, and ice filaments around the edges.

I love the look and patterns of ice formation. I don't like how cold it makes everything feel, but I do love looking at the different forms and mini landscapes it creates. 

An icy heart:

I particularly love the fragile, lacy edges of frozen puddles and ponds - the temptation to step on them and hear them crack like glass beneath my feet thrills my inner child!

I love the agglomeration and arrangement of bubbles trapped beneath the surface

I love how stranded bits become flimsy, sinuous shapes

I love the imprint patterns left behind by surface disturbances, giving the impression of rock art (ice art?)


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