Monday, December 7, 2020

Inspiration Trickles In

I'm a lazy writer!

At almost noon, I find myself lying on the couch in my dressing gown, feet up, head propped with a cushion, phone in hand, busy writing a story in the laziest way possible. 

Somehow, feeling this relaxed and comfortable makes it seem as if I'm not trying to write, and that I'm not doing anything difficult, which is what writing can be. It's as if I'm 'working' without realizing it, having fooled myself! The story is flowing because I'm feeling uninhibited, and without pressure. 

Most professional and successful writers insist that one should just sit at one's desk each day and write - get all the bad stuff out and 'dare to be terrible' (Dan Brown). When I sit at my desk to write, it can seem formal and contrived, with the expectation that words will appear on the screen if I sit there long enough. But today my informal indulgence is more productive than the accepted method. The 'flow' I'm experiencing is fantastic. I lay down without any preconceived goals or expectations that I'd be productive - -  and then inspiration trickled in, when I least expected it.

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