Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Fun without Electricity!


We were without power for a total of 43 hours after our recent heavy snowstorm. I was determined to maintain an upbeat demeanor and not let the unfavorable situation get the better of me. Since I was spending my time knitting during the outage, I though I'd make a video of the calming, soothing activity, as a sort of Zen-experience.

So, I placed my headlamp on my head, put my phone into video mode, and slid it onto the front of my head under the headlamp strap. I picked up my knitting and began clicking my needles through the row, when Dale looked over and saw me with my phone protruding from the top of my head. I heard him exclaim, "What on earth are you doing?"

Not wanting to ruin my video, I didn't respond, but instead began giggling and shaking in my chair, trying hard to keep knitting. The giggling got too much for me, so I grabbed my phone off my head and stopped the video. I played back what I had captured, and it turns out, that not only did Dale's question intrude upon the video, but I had forgotten to change the camera direction when I pressed record, so it was facing backwards: all I captured was the top of my hair and scalp, which began wobbling and shaking with my laughter.

I did try it with the camera facing forward after that, but it was pointed at the woodstove, not my knitting. In retrospect, I'm not upset that I didn't record what I intended - the process of doing it (incorrectly and unsatisfactorily) gave us a good laugh in difficult times. You're never too old to have some simple, home-made fun! Release your inner child 😂.

P.S. I deleted the video before I decided to write about it!


Georgette said...

This is so funny. I would have loved to see the "set up" and the video. Keep 'em coming.

Debbie said...

Thanks Georgette: glad you got a laugh out of this. Posting the video would definitely have added to the story, but I was so disgruntled that it didn't work, that I deleted it right away. It was only a few days later that I thought to write about it.