Thursday, March 18, 2021

Sunny March

March! It's sunny! It's beautiful. It feels SO warm, though the high temperature is only 35°F.  I got my feet wet, literally. I ventured outside on a whim, without a jacket ... in my Crocs, to enjoy the mild warmth and sunshine. But the warming had been melting a lot of snow ... And my walkways are boggy with snowmelt - not a smart move in holey Crocs. But I'm so giddy with excitement at this progression.


Sitting at my writing desk in one of the sunniest spots in our house, I've had to remove the long-sleeved shirt I'd started the day with, on a number of occasions. I'm even worried about sunburn! My sunroom makes me feel as if I might be a tomato ripening in a greenhouse ...

With so much warm sun, it feels like the perfect time to barbecue. I also WANT to hang my laundry outside - it just feels right. There's still snow everywhere, and the lake is like a mushy-slushie. We watched a raccoon slink along the bottom of the yard, foraging at the water's still icy edge, and then sink every now and then, into the soft mush. Its gait looked so awkward and undignified, more cumbersome than effortless. The chipmunks have been appearing frequently after their hibernation, and the red squirrels are interacting aggressively with each other. One has lost an ear, earning him the name Vincent. The chunky grey squirrels seem so much larger than all the other rodents that they're almost like elephants lumbering about on our deck. 

The light is so much better for macro photography

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