Thursday, March 4, 2021

Lichen Shedding

I noticed a small piece of lichen lying under our dining room table a few days ago, and I contemplated this weird thought ... what if we became so slow-moving in our old age, that there'd be time for lichen to start growing on us? (Please don't call the insane asylum and have me committed - I'm just having fun)

The lichen had actually fallen off a piece of firewood we'd brought in, which happens often ... and drives me up the wall! I don't know why, since I really don't consider myself to be a neat-nick, but seeing firewood debris lying across the floors definitely gets to me (maybe that's a good thing, since it does prompt occasional vacuuming!). It's something I really dislike about having a woodstove do the housewarming in winter.

Earlier that week, we'd also noticed dry scaly bits of lichen scratched off the trees and lying at their bases in fresh white snow, so I guess I had the concept of lichen-shedding on my mind. 😄

And yes, I know I'm sounding a little cuckoo! I can blame my isolation ... perhaps!

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