Saturday, March 20, 2021

Sun Exposure

Sitting outside on the deck is warmer than being inside the house some days! Sunglasses and hat needed - now that's what I call progress ... The leafless trees provide no shade or shelter from the sun, which reflects harshly off the snow. I'll take it ...

This is my version of Where's Waldo (Debbie)? I just liked the mosaic-y look to this image

It sounds as if I have a babbling brook in my yard, but it's only the sound of the snowmelt from our roof dribbling down onto the metal roof of the next level below.

The lake is still mushy and white. It could be a layer of clouds filling in a deep valley below if I didn't know any better! The snowmobile tracks have become little channels filled with snowmelt. No open water yet for the waterbirds to return to, but it's coming ... hang in there, mergansers.

The chickadees are advertising their availability, with their almost-mournful 2 note call, saying "swee-tie". You can hear it perfectly in this clip from Lesleythebirdnerd on YouTube

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