Saturday, March 27, 2021

Nature Collecting

I noticed a long, fleshy looking and speckled tail at the edge of the lake on my boardwalk stroll, and used a stick to lift it out. When I turned it over, I saw that it was a beautiful water snake, thoroughly frozen and dead. It was interesting to see how square its body had become in this rigid state.

Now, I have a treasured collection of snakeskins, seashells, lichens, feathers, bones, exoskeletons and seeds in my nature cabinet. I have a few different skulls, too.


So naturally, I began coveting this poor unfortunate snake's skull and vertebra for my collection.  I placed it carefully on a rock in the sun, hoping it would dry out and I'd be able to collect the bones at a later date when the flesh had decomposed.

But ... oh woe! On the second day of me checking back on it, it was gone. It'd probably been taken by a scavenger (silly me for naively thinking nothing but me would be interested in a decomposing snake!). I'll know better next time.

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