Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Green Ideas

Seeing as it's St Patrick's day, traditionally associated with the color green (either to make one invisible to leprechauns, or as a reference to the verdant green of Ireland), I thought it appropriate to talk about 'green' ideas like reusing and recycling. I'm particularly interested in finding multiple uses, as opposed to single uses (disposable) for bountiful items, that are produced in great amounts and thrown away injudiciously.

Do you re-use the (green) plastic velcro-like strips that come with some vegetables from the grocery store, or do you throw them away as a single-use item? I just can't bring myself to throw them away ... these 'free' items seem to be loaded with potential, awaiting a second use, so I keep them coiled in my kitchen 'oddments' drawer, ready for the time when a use speaks to me.

Making use of items like this is 'green,' by using them multiple times instead of just once, and then throwing into the landfill as if it were a disposable or compostable kind of item. I've been using them to keep electrical cords on my appliances neatly in place.

I've used them to attach plants to a stake to keep them upright.

And we used them to mark the trail we'd picked through the woods before making our boardwalk.

I've also used them to label, and keep items in the freezer bagged and closed securely ..

Here I've used them to keep my yoga mat rolled up, and to keep my hand weights together in my gym bag.


I'm looking for more creative and diverse ways of using these give-aways - what do YOU do with them?

P.S. My desire to use items that come my way freely may also be connected to one of the teachings instilled in us by the nuns at my school. We were 'coached' and 'coaxed' to always pick up a pin, or penny, or paper clip on the ground because 'someone made it.' It was intended to instill an appreciation and respect for the work put into products for our use; and to not overlook the bounty available to us. It's stuck with me, and I can't stop picking up and re-using.

So, have a GREEN St Patrick's day!


Lucy Schultz said...

Next you might pick up marbles you've found in the woods..

Deb said...

Argh! You're on to me!