Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Chittering Beeches

I love the sight and sound of beech leaves trembling and swirling on their petioles as I walk through the woods. Listen to them in my video in the link below (turn up the volume to hear them over the breeze):

Curled beech leaves tremble,

Chittering and scritching

In spring's light breezes.

What does it sound like?

Lazily burning embers,

Or trickling water?

The disturbing sound

Of snacks in a cinema?

What do the birds hear?


Wendy said...

One of my favorite sounds.....I made a video once of sleety snow falling on beech leaves....it was purely harmonious.

Deb said...

Sounds lovely, Wendy. Truly a wonderful sound.

Georgette said...

Captured perfectly!

Deb said...

Ooh, goody. Glad it wasn't overpowered by the wind.

Shelley Burbank said...

Haikus and beech sounds. Musical.

Deb said...

Hope it doesn't make you too, too homesick, Shelley. I hope it salves your hunger instead.