Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Driving to Norway!

We packed a lunch yesterday, and took a foliage drive in the warm sunshine (it reached 79°F). In past years, we've driven across to Vermont, and made an overnight stay out of it, but COVID reality kept us closer to home. This year we had to decide whether to drive all the way to Paris, Norway, Naples, or Poland! And all this without stops for conveniences like bathrooms, gas or food. Luckily for us, Maine is a state with multiple 'countries' within it, so we managed to cover a lot of ground 😀.

Our most difficult decision of the day was choosing whether to have lunch in Norway or Poland - can't beat that for relaxation! Egg salad- and Reuben- sandwiches, oranges, pecans, dried mango slices, a few salty chips, and ... a pickle (of course) tasted superb, with this view in front of us, at the outdoor rest stop in Norway:

Lunch in Norway:
Pennesseewassee Lake

We even swam in our lake (without wetsuits) when we returned home, and felt wonderfully refreshed.


Shelley Burbank said...

Used to live in Norway and am very familiar with that view. Great little town.

Debbie said...

Gosh!I'd forgotten about that ... We were just there for the foliage, so didn't spend time getting to know the place, unfortunately.

Georgette said...

What a perfect day! Thanks for sharing.