Sunday, September 20, 2020

100 Days

Today I recorded 100 days since I stopped interacting personally on Facebook (aka FAKEbook!), and I'm feeling really good about it. I've reclaimed a lot of my own time and found new interests. And I don't feel lost or disconnected, or that I'm missing out. I feel more grounded, and overall less rattled. Less frazzled.

My withdrawal from social media hasn't been as difficult as I'd imagined it would be. Initially, during my COVID isolation, social media seemed like the ideal way to stay connected. But I've grown tired of 'shares' and re-posts of memes and political views, and of public, superficial concern for others. I know how I feel about humanity's issues, and I know how to get news, or do research. 

Facebook is a great way to promote a business, or a viewpoint, and to reach large numbers of people. I have found it difficult to step away from Special Interest Groups that I've subscribed to (Native Plants of New England, Lake Stewards of Maine, Print: A Bookstore) because this platform is a great way for people to contribute on-topic information from anywhere in the world. But on a PERSONAL level, it's not as satisfying just reaching hundreds on a general level, as opposed to deeply and meaningfully touching a few. I've always kept up with individuals on a private level up till now, and I can still do that.

I initially thought my withdrawal would be a temporary hiatus, a cleanse as it were, but now I see it continuing indefinitely.


Georgette said...

I hear you on that one. The funny thing is that I just returned to FBW. I am more disciplined at scrolling through the things that upset me and I get to see more family stuff. We'll see what happens.

Debbie said...

To each their own - that's fine with me. I like not feeling rattled and hopeless (very important for me in order to weather this time of chaos and crisis - both planetarily and existentially). Simply 'belonging' to useful groups is ideal for me.