Friday, September 11, 2020

The Scent of Tomatoes

A neighbor started a batch of tomatoes from seed, and very kindly gave us some of his plants when he discovered that his yield was more successful than he could handle. Dale put them out on our dock (safe from critters), and watered them regularly from the lake (easy access to water).

They grew like weeds, and we had to keep finding ways to support them as they grew taller. It looked as if we had a lush, tropical jungle growing on our dock.

We savored the wafting tomato scent brought to us on the wind as we swam or relaxed on the dock.
Some managed to grow their roots through their canvas bags, down through the deck slats and into the water to keep themselves hydrated.

Our copious and delicious harvest has just begun - we have 9 enormous fruits to get through in the next few days before the next lot ripen

"The raw tomato, devoured in the garden when freshly picked, is a horn of abundance of simple sensations, a radiating rush in one's mouth that brings with it every pleasure. . . . a tomato, an adventure."   -  Muriel Barbery

"The tomato offers its gift of fiery color and cool completeness"  -  Pablo Neruda

 These are Prudens Purple



Georgette said...

Wow! Those are some happy plants. And who cannot be happy eating such beauties? Good job!

Wendy said...

Beautiful words and beautiful pictures....I can smell the tomatoes how they reached their roots into the lake...that surely must be tomato plant heaven!!!!

Debbie said...

Yes, that fragrance is unmistakable, Wendy.
And, Georgette, they're deliciously 'sweet' if that's possible - not acidic or tart/sour in any way.

Shelley Burbank said...

This is what I call hydroponic tomatoes! Maybe this is the perfect way to grow them. That's so cool how they reached to the water.

Debbie said...

Exactly right, Shelley - self-hydroponicising!