Friday, July 17, 2020

Signs of the Times

Today, for the first time ever, I was offered 3 possible appointment times at my dentist FOR THE EXACT SAME DAY on which I was calling. Amazing. That is a new experience, and I think I have COVID-19 to thank for that. I'm guessing people are holding back on routine appointments like teeth cleaning and such (well, I am too) ... but I've had a jaw ache since March (and it's not from being stuck chatting to Dale), and I'm so tired of it. It feels risky going to the dentist's office. I mean, this is the place where they get you to unmask and they prod around and examine your mouth! It feels like this must be the absolute worst, scariest place to be. And to think I've been avoiding the hairdresser for 4 months - I think I've got it all wrong 😀

Other COVID signs I've come across, besides the unusual availability of dentists, are the inexplicable kinds of items in low supply at grocery stores:
- liverwurst
- pancake mix
- maple-flavored breakfast syrups 
- old fashioned oats
- canned beans
- pantry sized jars of M&Ms, sold out!

We've also been lured into the store for an extra grocery shop, by the 'to-die for' (I hope, not literally) steak specials, only to find out that the store flyer had an advertising error and they weren't honoring it. An entire outing, steakless, and therefore wasted!

Have you any COVID frustrations or peculiarities to share?


Shelley Burbank said...

I think you will be safe. They must have so many precautions.

Debbie said...

Yes, and no. The receptionists were behind plexiglass and wore masks, but pulled them down when there were no customers to deal with and when they used the phone, too. I had to pick up and use their stylus to pay when I left :-(

All medical personnel wore masks and gloves, and I was required to rinse my mouth with a sanitizing mouthwash (sucked out afterwards, no spittting), as well as wipe my mouth and nose clean with a sanitizing wipe (whilst being carefully watched) before they sat me down for the exam.