Thursday, July 30, 2020

Fun with Words

I love playing with collective nouns. I have so much fun coming up with new and novel ways to succinctly describe a group of 'somethings'. Whilst flicking those pesky Japanese Beetles off my Virginia Creeper, and seeing how many appeared to be mating, I came up with:

An Orgy of Japanese Beetles

I thought it was pretty apt, and it made me smile. And then I remembered another that I'd thought of one morning when raucous Ravens were having an altercation:

A Riot of Ravens

I hope you will share some fun ones that tickle your fancy. If you don't have one, I challenge you to come up with one ...

Language is so much fun!


Shelley Burbank said...

Japanese beetle orgies are a THING. lol. Saw a huge murder of crows in the field near our park. I mean hundreds of birds all in the same place. It was pretty awe-inspiring.

Deb said...

I remember tons of Grackles assembling in our trees in the Fall in MA. Maybe it's an Assembly of Grackles?

Unknown said...

Those Japanese Beetles have no shame! Three times a day I walk around the yard with a jar of soapy water and catch them in the act! I know Buddhists say respect all life, but those Japanese Beetles... I just can't let them continue eating my roses. As Shelley would say... sigh. G

Anonymous said...

a Bukakke of Japanes Rose Beetles