Monday, July 13, 2020

Dreaming of a Nightmare

During my COVID-19 shelter-in-place period, I've been touting how well I'm coping and how this seclusion lifestyle suits me. I've said that in being isolated, and adapting our shopping strategies (our only contact with the outside world), I feel comfortable, secure and protected.

Ha! That seemed true to me. But I recently dreamed that I had the virus, and now I'm wondering if I've just been fooling myself about it being okay. I mean, my psyche, my unconscious mind, exposes the truth - right?

My dream was about a nurse confirming that I definitely had COVID-19. For some reason, I kept 'forgetting' and continued socializing with friends, turning up at their homes, and participating in activities with them. It was as if I was in denial ... Whilst in friends' company, I'd say "Oops, I forgot. I have the virus, and I'm not supposed to be here. Sorry!"

What? I don't think I'd be that irresponsible - that's not me. I'm anal about wearing a mask and social distancing in real life. So maybe I AM fooling myself that all is well. Maybe I DO really crave naked, face to face contact and hugs, and am missing these aspects of life. We shall see ...


Shelley said...

Just a little psychological/brain housekeeping during the night. Nothing to worry about. You would never do those things. And I mean, all this news is enough to make anyone anxious. We are headed into "no indoor activities" again here in SD. Which is a good thing health-wise but not so great mental-health wise. We will just hang on. Hugs, Shelley

Debbie said...

Yes, hang on is all we can do for now. Thanks for the reassurance.