Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Book Pile

That pile of Recently Read (or should I call them Quarantined?) Books on top of my bookshelf is growing. That's what I have to show for 122 days in lockdown. It's been good for clearing my longstanding "To Be Read" books off my bookshelf.


Dale said...

Oh! I though book piles were something one got from sitting around too much, reading books.

Unknown said...

Reading is keeping me sane. Depressed, but sane. Depressed probably because I am currently reading "A Widow's Story" by Joyce Carol Oates. Almost done. Time to move on. G

Marcy said...

At work, we've got our own pile going 😲

Deb said...

Marcy! Mine doesn't even compare!

Georgette - I love memoirs, but yes not always uplifting.