Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Mission Accomplished

Today's mission was to take my camera across the cove (in my kayak), and photograph, and properly identify, a rose growing on one of our floating stumps in our cove. Since I had previously lost a camera to a kayak rollover, I'm extremely wary of taking my camera onto the water with me, especially since I'm partial to the kayak we fondly refer to as "Tippy." I wrapped my phone in a plastic bag and hard shell container to carry it across this time!

Interestingly, we had not noticed the plant before. Possibly because it hadn't flowered in the past? It's usually the bloom that draws me in to take a closer look at a plant. I had a cursory look at it whilst swimming yesterday (and was therefore without my trusty Field Guide or Plant App on my phone).

Off the top of my head, I guessed it might be the native Swamp Rose (Rosa palustris) because of its location, but last night's perusal of my plant books pointed to the possibility of it being Northeastern Rose (Rosa nitida), a plant of bogs. But without being familiar with the detailed terminology of the minutiae and morphology of roses, we became 'bogged' down. I resorted to posting pics and questions to a Native Plant group I participate in.

It has been confirmed as Rosa palustris, which is also very fragrant - I forgot to stop and smell the roses in my quest for an I.D.! Silly me! Back I go ...

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