Thursday, July 2, 2020

A Day in Vacationland

Today's weather was wonderful - so wonderful, in fact, that I was drawn outside right after breakfast, and have only just now sat down at my computer and it's almost bedtime. Huh! So much for yesterday's discipline and BICHOK wisdom!

I've discovered that in weather like this, lakefront residents need 3 swimsuits to get through the day ... in case you were wondering.

This haiku popped up in my head on the stroll to the mailbox:

Pine needle tidemarks

 along the roadside edges:

 a story of rain.

Tonight's Al Fresco dinner was accompanied by a young raccoon foraging in the yard, and an incredible display of fireflies in the darkening woods. Wow! It was gorgeous. 

Is this really my life? I'm pinching myself.

Fern shadow

Tall Meadow Rue reaching for the light



Unknown said...

The pictures are beautiful and it's so refreshing to hear gratitude. Even in these scary times, we have much to be grateful for. G

Deb said...

Thanks, Georgette.