Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Spiny Cheeks

Look at what I found whilst doing my Courtesy Boat Inspection Duty - a native freshwater crustacean, the spiny-cheek crayfish. I "captured" it in my lunch container, removed all the weeds and muck, and had fun looking at, and photographing it.

Its tail is spectacular, IMO - check it out.

The little spines from which it gets its common name, are located back from the eyes a little - you can see the tiny little jagged bits on its carapace. The reddish stripes on its body are not easy to see when it's in the muck and shaded shallows, but in clear, sunny water, it looks quite colorful.

The detailed striations on its antennae are only visible up close. It reminds me of the mouthparts of the extraterrestrial creatures in the South African movie District 9 - clearly what they were modeled on. Take a look - the eyes look a bit bugged out too, a little like a frog.

Faxonius limosus

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