Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Cute Rodents

We've been able to share some quality time with a new batch of red squirrels this year. This female appears to be the matriarch. She's not tame enough to have her tail 'clipped' with a code, but she has a VERY distinctive and strange forking at the tip of her tail. The injury for which she was named, Wounded Knee, has long since healed and is no longer a distinguishing feature.

This is a young male (obvious), with beautiful deep ginger coloring and a deep commitment to removing all chipmunks from the vicinity of his food pile. We refer to him as PJ - he has a very dark line around his muzzle, and down the center of it.

This is Wounded Knee again. She's holding the sunflower seed husk delicately between her thumbs, as they all do. So skilled!

This is one of many insistent, opportunistic chipmunks that think we exist simply to hand out food for them.

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