Saturday, July 9, 2022



Caution! When I use the word "DISASTER," take into account that you might know I'm dramatic and over-the-top in my responses to, and feelings about, events.

I've been crowing about how nice and snugly my little green kayak fits into my compact Honda FIT. I've done it successfully so many times ... how could anything go wrong, ... go ... wrong, ... g o ... w r o n g ... ????

The thing that COULD have gone wrong, went wrong - I shut the back hatch without the kayak seated 100% correctly, and cracked my windshield.

It felt like the end of the world! I cracked the passenger side, thankfully, and it was in our older car, but still ... I'm SO mad at myself for being such a klutz. Yes, I took the precaution of always covering the bow with a bunched up towel, but when there's not enough room in an enclosed space, something's got to give.

No more squeezing my kayak into a compact sedan - a new approach is needed.

I'm still feeling sick to my stomach and churned up about doing it.

  😆    😆    😆    😆    😆   😆    😆    😆    😆    😆

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