Thursday, July 7, 2022

Pleasures and Frustrations


I started off my tranquil paddle trying to get through this pickerelweed barrier - quite an exercise!

I chose a shadier, less exposed section of shoreline after negotiating this expanse of floating leaved plants, and came across some gorgeous wild roses on an undeveloped piece of land. There's no clear indication which native rose this is: the experts who weighed in to help me have suggested Virginia rose or Woods' rose. I think it's the former, Rosa virginiana.

My lunch stop was a peaceful and sheltered section of the lake that looked like this

I watched a delightful damselfly while I ate my lunch here

The 'aftermath' of this wonderful experience was a bit of a blow. My phone stopped working and shut down after it got too hot in its watertight plastic sleeve - moisture had collected around my lens and my speaker no longer worked. Oh heck! Is this how "take the rough with the smooth" originated?

Phew! Two days of hanging my phone in a mesh bag in front of the exhaust of our heat pump water heater restored my phone to its original state.

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