Monday, March 7, 2022

Snow 101

I must apologize in advance for the influx of snowy themed ponderings and pics that have been, and will be, flooding my blog: we had the most beautiful spring snowstorm towards the end of February, and I discovered that I'd added 66 new pics to my library during that event. And I love sharing my perceptions of them.

I've decided that that storm was ideal as far snow type goes. I'm going to pre-order that very same snow for all my next snowstorms in the future - it was the fluffiest, feather-iest, lightest, sparkliest snow ever!

The tall trees had snow nodules on their branch tips, and the light breeze was wafting these back up into the air for their second flight - I managed to capture a small incident in this photo if you look carefully into the blue.


Shelley Burbank said...

I love those data when you look out and the light captures the flakes and you all those multicolored sparkles on the snow light Christmas twinkle lights only fairy-size. I miss that.

Debbie said...

If only EVERY snowfall were that magical ...