Thursday, March 31, 2022

Baking Memory

I recently used my 'go to' lemon meringue pie recipe I've been using for about 35 years or so. It's a recipe I usually make for special occasions - this one was to mark 'new beginnings' for our son.

The original recipe had been printed on the inside label of a Gold Cross condensed milk can from South Africa, and though I still have it, the printing has faded over the years (plus there are spills and smudges as well). That check mark means it's tried and tested and successful. I've since typed it into a document, to be kept on my computer. 

It's easy and simple now that I've stuck to it for so long, a kind of muscle memory, but has 3 phases that can make it a little daunting initially. 

I persevered through this choatic mess, knowing I could do it,

to produce this quite yummy lemon meringue pie. 


Shelley Burbank said...

One of my favorite kinds of pie. So much better homemade than from a store. I prefer it when my mother makes much easier than doing it myself, lol.

Debbie said...

Ha ha! Shelley, that was funny

Wendy said...


Debbie said...

Thank you - it's a real sugar-bomb

Debbie said...

Thanks, Skipper