Friday, March 18, 2022

Painting Misadventures

Some of the difficulties I encountered whilst painting (besides struggling to make a pot of coffee) included inadvertently placing one foot of the stepladder into the paint tray I'd placed on the floor while I moved the ladder .... groan! Someone wasn't thinking clearly by placing it on the floor. I have to say in my defense though, that there was NOWHERE else to put it - furniture was precariously stacked or draped with cloths.

The other mishap was a complete fluke. We had patched a crack in the plaster, and I had painted over it, but I brushed against that area whilst 'wearing' a roll of masking tape around my wrist (for those emergency masking situations). Of course, the sticky end of the tape managed to connect with the tacky, not quite dry paint, and it pulled a largish chunk right off the wall as I retracted! Start again ...

The 'offending' patch

I also managed to break a roller from its handle by pushing too hard against it to extract the last bit of paint - this was to save me from having to pour out more when I had only a small area to paint. Oh, woe is me! Shortsighted, bumbling fool!


The results were well worth all the discomforts I experienced getting to the end point. I'm thoroughly chuffed with the way the room looks now - why didn't I do this years ago? The main color is so enlightening!

And I've finally got more of our origin flags up on display:


Unknown said...

What is it about painting? It's so hard! In the end it's so rewarding. Well worth it. Your room looks great. "Chuffed???"

Debbie said...

Oops! Chuffed is British slang, apparent!y!

If you're “chuffed” it means you're feeling happy or pleased about something.

Shelley Burbank said...

It looks beautiful and bright!

Debbie said...

It really is brighter - such a pleasant change