Monday, March 11, 2024

Meet the Royals: Part 2

Meet Her Royal Highness, Duchess Peep of Clark County, Nevada. She has a delightfully haughty air about her that is quite comical!

She's way more cautious than Fluffalo, and spent much of her first week leopard-crawling and slinking along the ground, 

or in hiding, so it's been difficult to capture her essence. 

(This year's Oscar Nominee for Best Concealed Artist)

In just one week, she went from being a demure, terrified and nervous creature ...

To an imposing and feisty warrior goddess ...

who rules the roost and controls HRH Fluffalo's feeding habits and sunny spots!
Go, Peep!

1 comment:

Lucy Schultz said...

HRH Private Inspector Peep Felicity LBO Miller Schultz will reveal more of her personality every minute if you are watching carefully enough. She's a very lovey, bossy little rat.