Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Happy Shopping!

Who knew these two words could be combined into one phrase? I often bemoan my less than favorable experiences whilst out shopping, so when I recently had some very positive encounters at Hannaford, I thought it appropos to give them a mention. 

The refrigerator shelf where I usually pick up the Hannaford brand of OJ was empty. A Hannaford employee (a To-Go Shopper) came over to me, explaining that I had "that look," and asked if she could help. She offered to go and look in the back-room to see if they had more OJ that had not been unpacked and shelved yet, but she returned after a few minutes, empty handed. They didn't have any more available, so I moseyed around the store in my quest to complete the rest of my shopping list. In the produce section, I was asked by a fellow customer, "Now, where in the world could you be living with mud on your boots like that?" We had a good laugh about his tongue-in-cheek remark. It was a cheery, shared moment of what it means to live in Maine in mud season.

As I was loading my groceries onto the belt at the checkout, the "To-Go employee" appeared with a jug of my requested OJ in hand! She had anticipated finding me at a checkout once she'd located a few bottles the manager had found tucked away in a refrigerator! I was so amazed and impressed that she'd gone out of her way to find me - it couldn't have been easy assessing my movements and anticipating when I'd get to the checkout! What a great response!

It felt good not to be complaining for once!

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