Sunday, March 10, 2024

Meet The Royals: Part 1

Meet His Royal Highness, Duke Fluffalo of Clark County, Nevada, one of our guest cats (Cat 2 in a previous post). He is incredibly photogenic and adorable - his fur is like a soft cloud of marshmallow - it has to be felt to be believed. And he invites you to touch it whenever you can! 


He's a great explorer and fantastic leaper

He loves being adored and worshipped, which is easy to do

He's feeling pretty much at home after a week with us, but he has yet to have fur-to-fur contact with our resident, reigning queen, Dallas of Limerick.

1 comment:

Lucy Schultz said...

His full working title in the past has been HRH Detective Fluffalo Joshua Busket Miller-Schultz but he doesn't answer to anything so it doesn't matter. Thank you for loving my marshmallow brained cloud terrorist.