Saturday, March 23, 2024

Lake Lowering, Yet Again

Oh dear! Our wildlife is going to be hugely impacted again this spring, unbeknownst to them. 

High water events from winter storms have damaged our flashboard and dam crest yet again, and so a scheduled lowering by 4 feet has begun. It's just not fair to wildlife! The Muskrats and waterfowl didn't get the memo and have started this season's reproductive efforts already. I hate to see this happening to them again.

It's not clear how long the lowering, repairs and re-filling will take, but we will apparently be informed as each stage comes up. But who will tell the muskrats, the Loons and the Wood Ducks? They will probably have to abandon the nest they've started - it seems cruel (and inconsiderate).

We still have a long way to go before the water is low enough for repairs to start. The exposed shoreline at least offers an opportunity to pick up litter and fishing line snagged on branches and trees usually hanging over the water. It's also an opportunity to assess milfoil growth in early spring, so I'm forcing myself to find something positive about it.

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