Monday, March 25, 2024

March Madness

Ha ha ha ha! March has the last laugh, yet again. A day- and night- duration snowstorm, on an unfrozen lake hit us over the weekend, shortly after the last posted dusting. Even the wildlife seemed unsure of how to react - Mallards pluckily plowed through the mushy wet ice in our cove, struggling to paddle, our Red Squirrel appeared unexpectedly for breakfast, and the Juncos arrived to feed in large numbers (we haven't seen them for weeks).

Of course, I found it fascinating! Here are my clomping, and others' fairy-like, footprints.

The snow cascading off the dome of our Weber grill made an interesting pattern - and yes, we got our grill out too early, hopefully, expectantly counting our chickens ...

At about 4 inches of snow it turned to icy slush, but I still admired the unevenness of accumulation-edge.

Her Majesty is definitely not amused that the snow is blocking out the sun

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