Monday, December 26, 2022


Oh what a memorable Xmas we had! We lost power and Internet before noon on Dec 23, and after about 55 hours without either, we have it all restored.

We were warm, dry, satiated, and well provided for ... but yet, I still found myself annoyed that my usual comfy lifestyle was disrupted. 

Since we traditionally have breads, cold cuts, cheeses and pickles for our family Xmas Eve meal, not having electricity didn't impact our plans.

Daytime is generally fine without electricity, until about 4:30pm, and then it's a long, waiting game of a night. No TV to pass the hours. No Internet vegging. Even with a generator, baking cookies and fun Holiday treats in my oven wasn't an option. I could page through my recipe books, but not always carry out what I desired. So frustrating. I did make nostalgic chili bites, a curried Chicken Calcutta dish with lemon rice and a pot roast on the stovetop since I can light my gas range.

I got tired of doing Sudokus - they seemed too easy and repetitive after a while. I got tired of doing my rows and rows of crocheting. I got tired of reading. It was uncomfortably cold outside, so I didn't venture forth much.

Our heat pump didn't 'talk' well with our generator, so hot water became depleted after a day.

Being powerless gets tiresome after a while. What bothered me the most was how dependent my life is on the Internet and electricity. And it was humbling. I felt ashamed for complaining - thinking about Ukrainians facing a winter without heat and other services was a sobering thought. I hope it's a lesson in appreciation that I won't forget.

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