Saturday, December 3, 2022

Bare, Naked Cake

This is the bare, naked Xmas fruitcake that we shall cut into in 22 day's time, once it has a layer of marzipan and royal icing over the top. 

I was late in baking it this year (November 19). It's currently getting its weekly brandy dousing to keep it fresh and moist.

Both our Mums baked these for Xmas when we were growing up (I recall the big porcelain bowl it was mixed in, just like the ones used in the Great British Baking Show, and being allowed to give it a stir and make a wish). It's been nice keeping up the tradition, even though I ALWAYS drag my feet about getting it done and need constant reminders to get started. When baking, it permeates the house with mixed spice aromas that are nostalgic and seasonal, a reminder that Xmas is coming. My Dad really appreciated having a return to these traditional treats when he moved in with us.

It's my plan to TRY and make my own almond paste this year. I always baulk at the price of store-bought marzipan; but maybe after making it myself I will appreciate all that goes into it and pay willingly next time? We shall see ...


Captain BBH said...

Wonderful holiday tradition. Your story brought on memories of stollen and marzipan during the holidays.

Debbie said...

Good. I made Stollen one year - not necessarily something I want to repeat.