Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Dam Travails

The potent storm that left our community powerless for days also caused a big surge in runoff into our lake. For some reason, it seems the dam owners weren't prepared for this, and the water level rose to the highest it has ever been, rising up over bank edges, and expanding as it froze. Unfortunately, half of the newly (re-)repaired flashboards on the dam gave way under these forces, and we've lost 2 feet of water yet again. The dam owners anticipate it will possibly drop another 2 feet over the next few days. Fixing the flashboards has been an ongoing saga since early October, and it looks as if we're back to square 1 again.

The result was interesting to see, though - the sheet of ice that extended across the top surface of our cove, from bank to bank, had its underbelly of water pulled out from under it and it cracked and collapsed.

We've heard some strange noises at odd times which we think must have been the ice collapsing.

We have never had the water level reach this high up our yard before, and the flooded area has now become a thin sheet of ice.

It's really been fascinating seeing the icy landscape change so dramatically and unexpectedly this season.

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